I am Old but I too Still Have Dreams


3 Responses to “I am Old but I too Still Have Dreams”

  1. Notes To Ponder Says:

    Excellent post. I look at it this way ….

    • angelicabeads Says:

      I agree. To me one of the most difficult tasks in life is to forgive those in my past who caused so much pain and fear, and who damaged my self-esteem and inner security. I’ve had to learn to move forward, and to accept that, although my parents, teachers, and other important adults who inhabited my child were responsible for everything that happened to me when I was young, I – repeat, I! – am responsible for all that’s gone on since I became an adult. I had to stop blaming others and to realize that I alone am responsible now. It’s a good thing, too, because if I’m not then my life is hopeless: I’m powerless to change, to make anything better. Do you understand? Thanks so much for commenting.

      • Notes To Ponder Says:

        I understand every precious word you spoke.”Blaming others” is a dark and secretive path.It lurks in deep shadows, hidden by our longing for normality.
        Something that helped me was pondering people in my life as individuals, not family. Hitting “Publish” for “Regret” was both terrifying and cathartic – it stands as my first shared personal writing, and seeded confidence to freely express myself.

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